Google SEO Masters

The original foundation of our company’s success was our ability to rank websites 

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a series of strategies and techniques used to improve your traffic. Whenever a user searches for a given keyword on one of the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask), a series of results are shown. The higher is the ranking of your website on the search results page (SERP), the larger will be the number of visitors that will reach your site and read its information, know your company or buy your products.

Why is SEO important for your company?

As people usually look out for just the first two pages of results in a search engine, a website that naturally gets higher organic ranks will collect a vast amount of views at just a fraction of the cost of other media forms. With over a dozen cases ranked on the first spot for more than a hundred expensive PPC keywords, we have saved our clients over $50,000 a month just by using our perfectly-tuned organic SEO techniques. Although other forms of media advertisement are still required to bring you immediate results, organic SEO is an inexpensive long-term plan that will bring you a robust amount of additional conversions for the time being.

How do our SEO techniques work?

We take the most competitive (and expensive) pay-per-click keywords on Google, and organically rank them on the first page. With this simple strategy that we perfected through extensively researched methods, we allow your firm to bypass the expensive PPC bidding wars on ads. We are able to provide you the same lead results, but with only a fraction of the money and resources required by Google PPC. A well-conceived, long-term SEO strategy keeps your visitors engaged by your content and will entice them towards choosing your brand or product among several others.

Why choose us?

Many SEO companies will just provide standard SEO services that solely focus on old techniques like increased keyword density, backlinking or website mirroring.Although these techniques can provide you with a temporary spike in website traffic, they will just grant a very brief benefit that will fade out in just a few weeks. High-quality SEO is an exact science that will provide you with a steady amount of website traffic without damaging your company reputation with “black hat” tricks. We at Roll SEO specialized and refined our techniques to perfection. We’re not just broadly swinging our sword trying to hit some random target blindly through sheer luck; we’re shooting an arrow that will surely find its target. Our target is the right customer base for your website.

Let Us Advice You On Your Marketing Campaigns

We established ourselves as a consulting company more than anything else. Our advice on how to improve a company’s web marketing strategies and ROI numbers proved to be invaluable for our¬†clients. If you are already employing the services of a different marketing company,¬†you can still contact us to see how to improve your current numbers. Our specialists will be more than eager to provide you with a two-hour long in-depth analysis.