PPC Campaign Experts

Over A million dollars under Ad management

Saving You Money

A successful Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign requires a smart approach to avoid wasting money on useless ads with low conversion rates. Our experienced PPC specialist is a seasoned veteran who will deeply research what keywords should be used and what type of ads should be used on them to increase their effectiveness. Ultimately, knowing how to narrow down your PPC campaign to just those keywords that actually convert, will let you save thousands of dollars.

Analyzing Data to reach your audience

We will make sure the website is actually targeting the right users. Through Keyword Research and Competition Analysis we will figure out what the user is precisely searching for, and the content needed to reach him. We developed our custom strategies and tools to monitor all your websites’ data and obtained a deep understanding of what your customers may really want through human behavior analysis.

Constant tracking

We will monitor all users from the moment they enter the website until they fill your form or buy your product. By constantly tracking their results and the way users interact with the website, we will know better what pages are actually converting and which ones are not. This way we will know what we need to improve, and how to improve it.

Transparent monthly reports

We will provide you with monthly reports that will let you have a clear, understandable picture of what is going on. This way you will never have to puzzle yourself to find out how to improve your website conversion rates. Everything will be transparent let you take the most appropriate and well-informed decision.

Let Us Advice You On Your Next Marketing Campaign

We established ourselves as a consulting company more than anything else. Our advice on how to improve a company’s web marketing strategies and ROI numbers proved to be invaluable for our clients. If you are already employing the services of a different marketing company, you can still contact us to see how to improve your current numbers. Our specialists will be more than eager to provide you with a two-hour long in-depth analysis.