Spreading your brand message

Pandora’s audience is huge, reaching over 78 million monthly users (one-quarter of the U.S. population). The ads they offer can be precisely targeted towards the perfect customer for your brand by choosing their interests and demographics. With 10 billion stations rocking their music 24 hours a day, you can be sure that your message will reach a huge audience of listeners and potential clients.

Modern, sleek and efficient

Pandora is one of the most modern advertisement methods that sums up all the best, most efficient digital technologies to drive your customer base engagement. Pandora is a sleek, mobile-oriented, online environment that serves all types of demographics with top-notch accessibility. Let them all know that your company is able to use stylish and cutting-edge technologies and talk to them with the language of modernization.

Connecting music with brand identity

Everybody loves music. However, different people love different music as much as they love different brands. By associating the music they love with your own brand, you will let your potential customers build a powerful, long-lasting bond. As they develop a link between their favored artists and your products your ROI will surely grow.

Personalized Advertisement

Pandora’s database counts over 1 billion data points per day, and their software is able to observe data in real-time. Thanks to their advanced analytic capabilities, your ads can be targeted to the most relevant and high-quality audience possible. Ads will be served only one at a time and upon user interaction, granting your brand all the attention it deserves in a highly personalized, engagement-driven environment.