1 on 1 Consulting

The original foundation of our company’s success was our uncanny ability to rank websites with the most effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies of the last few years.

A Solid Gold Reputation

We at Roll SEO established our success by consulting and advising some of the largest firms in the country such as the Levin Papantonio Law Firm. We built our reputation upon our vast and in-depth knowledge of many fields, and we’re soo deeply rooted in the mass tort market that the information we possess puts us ahead of our competitors. Some of the members of our team worked for years as consultants and expert advisors for many national and international companies and pharmaceutical corporations, so we fought this war on both sides.

Medicine and Pharmacology Answers To Question

Within our board of advisors, we boast real doctors and pharmacologists with years of field experience. We can provide you top-level information and advice on whose drugs and medical devices are used in the country, how and where to seek your leads, and how to choose which mass tort you should focus on. Thanks to our vast academic knowledge, we can even help you with find new clinical studies that can give a big advantage over other law firms. Establishing yourself as a medical authority will ultimately help consolidate more leads, as well grant your law firm’s name a solid reputation.

The Meds News Experience

Several years ago we built Meds News, a medicine website that quickly grew to success in no time. Today, Meds News is a reliable and trusted source of medical information which is read by thousands of people every day. Thanks to its Health on the Net badge, the website established itself as an authority and attracted many high-level, world-famous writers. Meds News is able to reach a vast multitude of potential leads by educating them on health and prescription safety.

Consulting and Advising at the same time

We organized many seminars and webinars to teach law firms how to optimize their websites and achieve the best results. On April 2016, we have been featured on the Mass Tort Made Perfect leading attorney convention as the most knowledgeable experts of organic-only mass tort marketing strategists. We can help your firm understand and plan its long- and short-term strategic targets, provide effective solutions to solve your problems, and work as mentors by providing proactive advice every time you need us.