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Web Consulting

Whether you want to know where you should invest your funds or just understand why your website is not converting properly, we’re here to help you. We at Roll SEO established our success by consulting and advising some of the largest firms in the country such as the Levin Papantonio Law Firm. Our team includes a board of expert market analysts and medical advisors with years of field experience. We can observe, oversee and point out the inherent flaws of your current strategies, as well as provide invaluable advice on what is the best way to plan your future ones. Call us now to schedule an in-depth consultation, or to organize a meeting, seminar or webinar.



Modernization and Digital awareness

The future of web marketing is centered around mobile devices technology. Every day, more people make the switch from using a computer, to using tablets and smartphones. It is now mandatory for your law firm website to be optimized and responsive for every new device that hits the market. That’s the reason why we will take your current existing website, make it user-responsive and 100% viable to run with all new technologies while, obviously, boosting your Google ranking in the process.

Google Local

With Google’s recent reduction of Local Map Pack positions from seven to three, the importance of getting your website optimized and into the top three positions has never been more important.

Google receives no payment for listings from Local Map Pack and it makes it one of the most competitive sections, as well as, one of the most used parts of Google to locate and read about reviews. Google will only show users three local options. If you are not there, nobody is going to find you. We make it easy for your firm to become noticed so you can capture leads immediately.

Our Commitment to You

One thing a lot of law firm marketing companies love to do is keep their clients in the dark and convincing them that every change will take months to see. We don’t agree with this approach. That is why we make it a priority to send out detailed weekly reports of each milestone reached. At Roll SEO, we play a vital role in legal business success by creating and maximizing online exposure to new customers through top online search. Our Weekly & Monthly Reports show you what changes we made. This keeps you informed each step of the way.

Strategic Planning

The largest mass tort law firms in the country rely on us to create the content they use on their website. Thanks to us, they’re able to convert and gather a huge amount of leads.In addition to having mastered all traditional methods of advertisement, we learned to employ all types of unconventional approaches to marketing such as YouTube, billboard ads, Pandora and radio ads.

We developed our custom strategies and tools to monitor all your websites’ data and obtained a deep understanding of what your customers may really want through human behavior analysis.We will pinpoint your exact needs in order to make your website shine among the others with the same attention an artisan gives to his own craftsmanship.


About Us

RollSEO works with Law firms to generate leads and build brand exposure through top online searches and YouTube ads.

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