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RollSEO Advertising case studies and verdicts serve as a testament to the effectiveness and focus of our legal marketing efforts. Browse through past case studies to better understand the services we provide to your law firm. These yype of cases will give you an idea & insight into the power and reach of youtube advertising.

Award Value: $35,555,220.00

Case Name: Eric Jenquin

Case Type: Semi-Truck v. Pedestrian

Settlement/Verdict Date: 01-29-2016

Description of Case: Plaintiff was riding his bicycle and came to a stop on the sidewalk at an intersection. Defendant attempted to make a right turn, driving over the sidewalk and over the plaintiffs’ leg.

Award Value/Breakdown: $35,555,220.00

Award Value: $17,120,662.00

Case Name: Hillary Kyanca 

Case Type: Semi-Truck v. Pedestrian

Settlement/Verdict Date: 09-16-2015

Description of Case: Plaintiff was crossing the street in a designated crosswalk when a bus struck him. The defendant knocked plaintiff to the ground and pinned his right leg under the front driver side of wheel.

Award Value/Breakdown: $17,120,662.00

Award Value: $3,000,000.00 /Client was awarded $1,046,852.80

Case Name: Erica Mentez

Case Type: Auto vs Auto

Settlement/Verdict Date: 01-15-2015

Description of Case: Defendant failed to yield the right of way to oncoming traffic and made a left turn directly into the path of our client.

Award Value/Breakdown: $3,000,000.00 /Client was awarded $1,046,852.80

Award Value: $750,000.00/ Client was awarded $242,589.87

Case Name: Liaz Siago

Case Type: Auto vs. Auto

Settlement/Verdict Date: 04-05-16

Description of Case: Def driver performed a U TURN maneuver in front of our client causing accident.

Award Value/Breakdown: $750,000.00/ Client was awarded $242,589.87

Award Value: $400,000.00/ Client was awarded $138,494.31

Case Name: Diana Miller

Case Type: Auto vs. Truck

Settlement/Verdict Date: 07/14/2016

Description of Case: Plaintiff was slowing to stop for yellow signal and was severely rear ended by D-driver of Commercial vehicle.

Award Value/Breakdown: $400,000.00/ Client was awarded $138,494.31

Award Value/: $350,000.00/ Client was awarded $92,554.50

Case Name: Jeremy Aguirre

Case Type: Auto vs. Auto

Settlement/Verdict Date: 02-28-2015

Description of Case: Defendant rear ended vehicle behind our client at high speed, pushing another vehicle into our client’s vehicle.

Award Value/Breakdown: $350,000.00/ Client was awarded $92,554.50

Award Value/Breakdown: Settled $245,000.

Case Name: Luke Kopen

Case Type: Truck vs. truck

Settlement/Verdict Date: May 2016

Description of Case: Client was a truckdriver, sleeping in his cab when he was struck by another truck, resulting in knee injury requiring future surgery

Award Value/Breakdown: Settled $245,000.

Award Value/Breakdown: Settled for policy limits of $200,000

Case Name: Eric Alain and family

Case Type: Auto Accident

Description of Case: Clients were in a vehicle; a car coming the opposite way made an improper left turn in front of them and they broadsided the oncoming vehicle.  Serious injury.

Award Value/Breakdown:  Settled for policy limits of $200,000.

Award Value/Breakdown: Settled $175,000

Case Name: Bobby Nelsen

Case Type: Premises Liability

Settlement/Verdict Date: July 2016

Description of Case: Client was injured in defective stairway of apartment house, and was hospitalized with injuries

Award Value/Breakdown: Settled $175,000

Award Value/Breakdown: $100,000.00/ Client was awarded $61,561.98

Case Name: Lois Peel

Case Type: Auto vs. Auto

Settlement/Verdict Date: 08/31/2016

Description of Case: Our client was rear ended at an unsafe speed.

Award Value/Breakdown: $100,000.00/ Client was awarded $61,561.98

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