Our successful results and clients portfolio will speak about our skill and knowledge more than any claim. Since we opened three years ago, no other marketing agency has ever come close to our results in capitalizing on the lead generation market, and we keep working for worldwide-famous clients that chose us for our results-driven mentality.

Mass Tort Marketing

When the largest and most famous law firm in the country, the Levin Papantonio Law Firm, needed their biggest cases to start generating leads online, they came to us. Today, even after five years, they still trust and use only our company to manage their SEO and online marketing campaigns. They understand that Organic SEO has the highest lead return, but only if your Law Firm is on Google’s first page. On April 2016, we have been featured on the Mass Tort Made Perfect leading attorney convention as the most knowledgeable experts of organic-only mass tort marketing strategists.

Whistleblowers Frauds

We have been able to build an entire website about Whistleblowing in less than 3 months instead of the usual 6 required by most web design companies. We spent the other 3 months optimizing its results and launched it earlier than anyone else, allowing our client to start reaping its benefits and collecting prospects as soon as possible. Today, with 1/20 click ratio instead of the current standard of 1/150, and more than 95 leads a month generated thanks to an extraordinarily efficient PPC + SEO advertisement program, we let this globally famous company save tens of thousands of dollars each month on inefficient and inexpensive marketing campaigns.

The Meds News Experience

Several years ago we built Meds News, a medicine website that quickly grew to success in no time. Today, Meds News is a reliable and trusted source of medical information which is read by thousands of people every day. Thanks to its Health on the Net badge, the website established itself as an authority and attracted many high-level, world-famous writers. Meds News is able to reach a vast multitude of potential leads by educating them on health and prescription safety.

Building success in no time

While we experimented with our lateral-thinking strategies, we realized that most of our “test” websites became quickly so successful, they were worth to generate more money than the average attorney website. In less than one year, our Xareltolawsuit.net website became able to generate an average of 30 leads a month at no cost, just through organic methods. At the same time, our Meds News website quickly established itself as a true authority in the medical and scientific community, and has been featured as a source of information even by scholarly papers. The expertise of our consultants played a vital role in creating and maximizing online exposure through top online search as well as other online media outlets.

Let Us Advice You On Your Marketing Campaigns

We established ourselves as a consulting company more than anything else. Our advice on how to improve a company’s web marketing strategies and ROI numbers proved to be invaluable for our clients. If you are already employing the services of a different marketing company, you can still contact us to see how to improve your current numbers. Our specialists will be more than eager to provide you with a two-hour long in-depth analysis.