How It All Works

Run YouTube Ads, Listen to Calls, Retain Clients

Input Your Law Firm Information

The first step is to decide your law firm name and logo. Then you will determine what types of cases you would like to start generating after you evaluate their cost of acquisition. This way, you will narrow down your marketing efforts only to those cases which are suitable for your wallet.

Create A Custom Vanity Phone Number

The way technology is built today, nobody remembers a phone number anymore.  We will let you choose a five digit word that will be linked to your own phone number. People will just need to press ## word to automatically dial to your number.

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We Create Your YouTube Ad

We customize our Vido Ads around your law firm. All of our videos  have been thoroughly A/B tested to optimize for the highest conversion rates, and we constantly update and tweak them. They can can also be easly shared across social media grabing your audience’s attention.

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Choose Your Marketing Budget

With every campaign a new budget is needed and must be properly allocated. We will make this process easier by comparing each case acquisition cost on each advertising platform. This way you will know exactly how many cases you may effectively generate and select the right ones.

We Manage And Run The Ads

Our company will then micromanage every detail so you could be 100 percent hands-off. After picking the most efficient ad platform that outperforms the others in terms of ROI, we will chose the time the ads will run. Every day the ads will be moved and scheduled based on previous data until they’re perfectly optimized to grant you the maximum profit and the minimum expense.

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Our Call Center Handles Each Intake

No one is going to bother you again with phone calls during your off-time or holidays. Every call will be forwarded to our call center where our team of experts will handle your customer service and lead intake 24/7.

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About Us

RollSEO works with Law firms to generate leads and build brand exposure through top online searches and YouTube ads.

Phone: 1.877-806-2629