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Your leads are always being Answered.

Calling potential leads, tracking their calls, answering their questions… How much time do you spend each week solving these issues that could be devoted to more pressing and urgent matters such as growing your law firm or bringing those cases to court?

We at Roll SEO can help you with this struggle by taking this burden off. We established a fully automated process that will make the call intake process as simple as it ever was, with the addition of a few interesting tweaks that will help your marketing efforts along the way. Improve your lead intake, increase your conversions, and spend less time bothering with phone calls – all in one simple solution. Is that really possible? The answer is yes, so let’s see how this process works.

No one is going to bother you again

Instead of answering to these calls yourself or having to pay a secretary to do so, we will let you use your time in a better, more productive way. Your number will be automatically forwarded to our 24/7 live call center so our team of professional and friendly customer service experts will handle the call even if you’re out of the office or taking a relaxing holiday. No more voicemail, no risk of losing a lead. Our trained staff will know how to talk to your customer and make them feel like we’re in the office with you.

Keeping track of all your data

The best part of our intake system is that we track every single detail that can be later used for analyzing purposes. From where the lead called? Which ones are the peak hours? What is their demographics? We will collect all this data with our automated process so you can narrow down your target and finely tune your current (or next) advertisement campaign. Do we really need to explain how much money are you going to save this way?


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