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A Powerful turn key marketing solution trusted by the most successful Trial Law Firms.

Easy Set Up

We Choose Ads

Lead Intake Processed 24-7

Select Vanity Phone Number

We Manage The Bidding


You Retain Clients using E-sign

Leads + Retain 

Listen to the call, retain the lead using E-sign

Hands-Off Approach

Our company offers a simplified solution built around you. We design, write, manage, film and run PPC, SMO, Youtube ads. All while handling lead intake with same-day sign ups on our E-signature platform.

– We only need to focus on winning cases

Leads That Matters

Ever wondered what types of cases offer the highest CPA online?  We provide in-depth analaysis to these questions as well as selecting the right platform and keywords to advertise on. Plus custom dashboards for you to track it all.

-I know what leads matter


Thinking out of the box

Our team learned that a creative yet analytical approach to marketing is the most efficient way to achieve success. Traditional run-of-the-mill agencies that just employ out dated strategies and strive for mediocrity

– They strive for perfection.

Modern Commercials

Tired of your law commercals looking as if they where shot in the 80s.  We AB test all of our commercals so we know what the viewers want to see rather then annoy them.

– There Videos Tell A Story


Marketing Success On Any Size Budget

Understanding what keywords bring solid leads is the only way to lower Accusation costs. No longer do you need to worry if you’re wasting Money on keywords that won’t convert. We remove the guess work and just deliver leads that matter.

Read the case study and see the results of the smallest PPC budget in the world targeting some the most expensive regions in all of Florida and still gain cases.

About Us

Roll SEO Team of consultants plays a vital role in Mass Tort litigation success by creating and maximizing lead exposure through top online searches and other online media outlets.

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